"In a time far into the future where new technology has been created, the main character called Rex decides to purchase a brand new teleportation device which has been released to the public. Shortly after purchasing this new piece of technology, Rex decides to try teleporting to an unknown planet where he meets an evil alien ruler who he decides to team up with- Things start to go badly when the evil ruler decides that the both of them should rule Earth. Rex will have to figure out a way to stop him from taking over his home planet once he arrives on Earth."
The animation A World We Live In was fully planned, animated and directed by Haya Hadi. However, I helped her on the post-production phases of animation. My role in this project was involving development of simple visual effect to enchant the the viewer experience and with transitions within the animation.
In addition to visual aspect, I also helped improving the audio experience of A World We Live In by choosing, adding and mixing the sound effects, immersing the audience to this wonderful animation. These sound effects contributed the overall story telling and emotional impact of the animation.

The video about shows the creation process of the post-production of the animation.
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